• How much have you suffered under Covid-19 since mid March 2020?

  • In which areas /departments have you taken measure to become resilient to this crisis?

  • Have you envisaged to question overall on the targets and strategy of your company?

  • What about a professional third party opinion with  a financial support from the Ministry of Economy (paid up-front)?

Fit 4 Resilience is a crisis exit and strategic repositioning programme. Conducted with help from consultants approved by Luxinnovation, it includes:

  • An analysis of the impact of the crisis on external factors (market, competition, products, supply, logistics, distribution, etc.)

  • An analysis of the impact of the crisis on internal factors (processes, digitalisation, etc.)

  • A study of strategic choices and the preparation of a short- and medium-term roadmap (including thoughts about the circular economy, regionalisation and digitalisation)

  • To apply for Fit 4 Resilience: please contact us or one of our partners